the science that detangles without pain, without breaking the hair


Recommended to detangle without pain and reduce hair loss due to breakage.

Multi-height pins:

They take care of the hair from the roots to the ends.

Soft and multi-height pins with a diameter of 0.8mm that penetrate without difficulty between the different layers and densities of the hair fiber. For all hair types except curly hair.

ACTOR Patent

Investigating how to end the “dramas” caused by the jerks every morning, and create moments of complicity between mothers and daughters, we discovered the ACTOR Patent. Its science is based on a structure of strategically integrated panels, which They act as a barrier so that tangled strands do not reach the base of the hair.Barbs, and thus the hair is released without pain and without breaking.

Rounded tips, 100% Safe

An advanced vacuum system ensures that the tips of the pins are rounded and 100% safe.
Unlike the edged tines of other brushes, the rounded tips:

  • They do not damage the hair fiber.
  • They do not open the cuticle.
  • No frizz effect, hair with more shine.
  • They protect the scalp from injuries, promoting a massage effect.

Pins with nanotexturized surface for:

  • Reduce friction with the hair fiber.
  • Optimize the distribution of nutrients provided by masks and conditioners


  • Brush your hair before going to bed except curly hair.
  • Detangle from ends to roots before washing hair.

Made in Spain.


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